Barbecuing is more glamorous than golf

and more dangerous in this dress          O

I’m hot, raw and waiting like a sausage


Do you adore me         Hubert

Do you need me        Roger


hold out your plate to me and your tongue


drips like steak                           

                                       this is my lawn

my dress and I have electricity


O the idiotic love of men and their large hands


            I spin a sun, but you must


            move around me in loops       dumb earth


       Allow me to handle you as if you were as intricate

as one of my door knobs


            here we are at my party


Absolutely, you are right about some of the things

you want to say     but do I care


a fly has died but do you expect me to notice


the sun is in your eyes but do you think the sun has manners


heaven exists as I will demonstrate

but you can’t suppose a right to things


and I will demonstrate again