Saskia Bunce-Rath



Saskia watches too much television and appreciates hummus varieties.

Brent Cantwell

Aoraki moraine


Brent Cantwell is a New Zealand writer from Timaru, South Canterbury, who lives with his family in the hinterland of Queensland, Australia. He teaches high school English and has been writing for pleasure for 23 years. He has recently been published in Sweet Mammalian 4Turbine|Kapohau, Cordite, Brief, Blackmail Press, Landfall, London Grip and Takahē.

Belinda Diepenheim

A medieval remedy for divorce


Belinda grew up in Wellington where she once worked as a horticulturalist in the Botanic Gardens and Otari Native Plant Museum. She now lives in Ashhurst in the Manawatu. Belinda won the International Writers’ Workshop Kathleen Grattan award for a sequence of poems in 2013, which is the backbone of her book of poetry Waybread & Flax, which was published in 2015.

Ben Egerton

Systema naturae


Ben Egerton is a poet and education lecturer from Wellington. Currently, he's a PhD candidate at the IIML at Victoria University where his interests lie in the intersection of contemporary poetry and Christian faith. Ben's work has appeared and is forthcoming in such places as LandfallCordite Poetry ReviewSWAMPThe Times Education SupplementTurbine|Kapohau and The Eyewear Review. Ben's dog considers him a talented thrower of tennis balls. 

Madison Hamill



Madison is a Wellington-based writer, originally from Dunedin. She is currently completing a Master of Arts in creative non-fiction at the International Institute of Modern Letters.


Rebecca Hawkes

The cave draws u in like a breath


Rebecca Hawkes is a painter and perpetual student who completed an MA in non-fiction writing at the International Institute of Modern Letters in 2016. You can find more of her work in Starling, Sport, Mayhem, and elsewhere via  

Chris Holdaway


Chris is from Northland, got his MFA at Notre Dame in the US, and directs Compound Press in Auckland. He is the author of HIGH-TENSION/FASHION (Greying Ghost, 2018).

Ash Davida Jane

Ex machina


A. Davida Jane is a poet and bookseller from Wellington. She has a degree in English from Victoria University. Her first poetry collection was published with Platypus Press in the UK in 2016. She can also be found on social media @adavidajane.

Jamie de Jong

My fire love


Jamie de Jong is a 3rd year student studying English at Auckland Uni. She has been recently been published in Mayhem and Water Soup. She is a fast knitter and huge tennis fan. 

Anuja Mitra

Suburban legends


Anuja Mitra enjoys mint chocolate chip ice cream, indie films and petting her small colony of cats. More of her writing can be found in SignalsStarling, and exhibited in “The Next Word: Contemporary New Zealand Poetry” at the National Library. 

Janet Newman

Hunters and gatherers


Janet Newman’s poems have been published in journals and anthologies including Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2017, Atlanta ReviewManifesto Aotearoa, and Poetry New Zealand Yearbook. She was the winner of the New Zealand Poetry Society International Poetry Competition 2015, and the International Writers’ Workshop Kathleen Grattan Prize for a Sequence of Poems 2017. She is working on a PhD thesis at Massey University looking at New Zealand ecopoetry. 

Jackson Nieuwland

Sphere of unidentifiable orange gas


Jackson Nieuwland is a contributing member of society. They like to have a nice time with their friends in either one-on-one or small group situations. But they also like to have some alone time to watch NBA highlights, listen to D&D podcasts, and eat some yummy snacks.

Mikaela Nyman

Five years later


Mikaela Nyman was born in the autonomous, demilitarised Åland islands in Finland. She loves Wellington, but the housing madness has forced her to shift to Taranaki. Her writing has been published in various journals including SportJAAMMinarets4th Floor, SWAMP and Turbine. She should be focusing on her novel, but art and poetry keep interfering.

Tess Ritchie

I thought that you would fade from me


Tess Ritchie is from Dunedin and currently lives and works in Melbourne. She studied English Literature at the University of Otago.

Devon Smith

Issue Five cover


Devon is an artist and tattooist from Dunedin.

Chris Stewart



Chris Stewart lives in Christchurch. A graduate of The Hagley Writers' Institute, his poems have been published in Catalyst, Aotearotica, Brief, Mimicry, Takahē, Snorkel, Blackmail Press, and in issue four of Sweet Mammalian

Ashleigh Young

Hero vegetable


Ashleigh Young writes essays and poems and works as an editor at Victoria University Press in Wellington. She is the author of Magnificent Moon (poems, VUP 2012) and Can You Tolerate This? (essays, VUP 2016). She blogs at