Jake Arthur



Jake Arthur is a postgraduate student at Victoria University whose poetry began as the frustrated result of not having enough time to write prose, but soon grew into a pet-project in its own right.



Jane Arthur

Don't know where, don't know when


Jane has lived in New Plymouth, Auckland, and Wellington, where she currently works in publishing. She has a dog.



Emma Barnes

The New World



Emma Barnes lives in the Aro Valley going through existential crises at about the same rate as firewood. 



Sarah Jane Barnett

Blue Heart


Sarah Jane Barnett is a writer, tutor, and book reviewer who lives in Wellington. Her first collection of poems, A Man Runs into a Woman, was published by Hue & Cry Press in 2012, and was a finalist in the 2013 New Zealand Post Book Awards. She has just completed a creative PhD in the field of ecopoetics. Sarah blogs at



Hera Lindsay Bird

Excerpts from Pain Imperatives


Hera Lindsay Bird is a Wellington poet currently on hiatus in Dunedin. She was the 2011 winner of the Adam Prize.



Kerry Donovan Brown

Peripatus: some notes


Kerry Donovan Brown is a Wellington-based writer. The night he was born he was taken from his mother and put in an incubator. Celine walked in her sleep across the ward, searching bedside cupboards and dressing gown pockets for some imagined missing thing. Kerry’s first novel, Lamplighter, was published by VUP in 2014.



Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle




Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle lives in Auckland. Her first book, Autobiography of a Marguerite, was published earlier this year by Hue & Cry Press.



Ish Doney

Let's Not


Ish Doney is a writer and photographic artist. Her work has appeared in the New Zealand Poetry Society Anthology 2008 and Eat Your Words: Wellington Cafe Poems 2012, among other publications. She is in the process of leaving Wellington, but until such time can be found biking around in varying levels in impractical cycling attire. 



Chris Holdaway

Remember that is not


Chris is a poet, editor, linguist and co-director of Compound Press ( In August 2014 he took up residence at the University of Notre Dame MFA programme.



Anna Jackson

The pretty photographer

The pretty photographer on Guy Fawkes night


Anna Jackson lives in Island Bay and lectures at Victoria University. Her most recent collection of poetry is Thicket, published by AUP in 2011, but watch out for I, Clodia, which will be released in November.



Frankie McMillan

he reads the welcome of swans


Frankie McMillan is the author of The Bag Lady’s Picnic and other stories, and a poetry collection, Dressing for the Cannibals. In 2005 she was awarded the Creative NZ Todd Bursary. In 2008 and 2009 her work was selected for the Best NZ Fiction anthologies. Other awards include winner of the New Zealand Poetry Society International Competition (2009) and the NZ National Flash Fiction award (2013). This year she is a co-recipient of the Ursula Bethell writing residency at Canterbury University. Her next book of poetry, There Are No Horses in Heaven, is to be published by CUP in early 2015.



Jackson Nieuwland & Carolyn DeCarlo

What are ways to take your night?


Carolyn DeCarlo and Jackson Nieuwland live in Wellington, where they run the reading series Food Court. They have written an ebook, Twilight Zone (NAP 2013), which has been anthologised in 40 Likely To Die Before 40 (Lazy Facist/Civil Coping Mechanisms 2014), and a chapbook, Bound: An Ode to Falling in Love, forthcoming from Compound Press. Their manuscript of talk poems, No No No No, was named 2nd Finalist in The Lit Pub's 1st Annual Poetry Contest. Their talk poems have appeared in Everyday Genius, West Wind Review, theNewerYork, and Minarets.



Lee Posna

from Pre-humous Arboretum


Lee Posna lives in Wellington. Books he’s recently enjoyed include King Jesus by Robert Graves, A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History by Manuel de Landa, and My Wars are Laid Away in Books: The Life of Emily Dickinson by Alfred Habegger. People he’s recently admired include Marco Sonzogni, Greg Taylor, and Therese Lloyd.



Nina Powles



Nina Powles is a graduate student of English and Chinese at Victoria University. She writes poetry and creative non-fiction, and when she isn’t writing, she is usually cooking. She currently lives in Wellington.



Chris Price



Chris Price is the author of two books of poetry and a volume of indeterminate genre called Brief Lives. She teaches creative writing at the International Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University of Wellington, but will spend 2015 completing a long-term project focused around the life of 19th-century English poet, anatomist and suicide, Thomas Lovell Beddoes.



Kerrin P. Sharpe

I never asked to be a reindeer

the gynaecology of flight


Kerrin P. Sharpe’s first book three days in a wishing well was published by VUP (2012). Her work appeared in Oxford Poets 13. Her most recent book is There’s a Medical Name for This (VUP) published this August.



Phoebe Smith



Phoebe lives in Wellington and works a couple of horrible jobs. Her poetry has previously been published in Turbine and JAAM.



Chris Tse



Chris Tse is a Wellington writer, actor, and musician. He studied film and English literature at Victoria University, where he also completed an MA in creative writing. His first full-length poetry collection, How to be Dead in a Year of Snakes, was published by AUP this September.