What are ways to take your night?

It might not be, it might be some other

side of red flowering object in the world.

So many strains of flowers and stuff.

Is only just begun to think my mother the witch.

I don’t know why someone would need so many hats.

I’ve never even seen a person wear a hat in my life

and she’s good at least 7 over there,

because she has so many things to inches.

Tryna cost of summoning spell,

it cost at all my heart chain.

Well we should be on under the covers.

Look out the window with dog,

because list with the beast with two backs is the moon.

Love is like a minimalistic household autozone.

Well I’m locked up in the bed, goodnight to the morning.


How did I get here that fast?

Did time blue blob?

I wonder what to do. I’m talking too long.

I had to much to talk about window panes.

An active on the window paint, that looks pretty.

So it’s because of that, and I’ll say there’s no way to get a window

and look out because there’s this window thing is covering them

and you can’t move in because there’s too much stuff in front of the window

and that’s pretty a colt.


Ok I remember are you telling me the old which is the horses in there.

Right around wearing leather jackets trying to kill the unicorns.

Load only make sense if they will black courses

and then nocturnal, cause yours know what I said about that stuff.

I’m playing on a heads up,

and not your head but everywhere the falls out

because that’s how you make a potion.

And I need all that hair out my vagina,

and you’re pulling on my hands out

cause you’re making a giant voodoo doll of me

which is the werewolf, just slow crazy.

Then that’s why we’re in love in world.


So in a bottomless pit and we climbing and will so falling at the same time

because we’re out of proportion.

And some of your fingers look like they’re hairy

but there’s a bad area into the air right now.

What are we doing tonight?

Where to which Eon lite?

Let’s see what the river at the bottom of the river.

Lady in wealth and nasty weather in my head.

I might take a razor blade that cuts out a lot of that.

What I do with that?