we know where to find the black tips / exquisite / of a soft tearaway / of what flew / and sang /

we know the other is / best heard / in atmospheres / of howling


he does not speak / he only speaks / to curse / and how / she loves him for it / ef

her brother his blue eyes are lash his horses suffer / ef the adults / ef the rich the

pile of everything they've ever eaten / higher than hit / the centre wet / we are

only twelve / we are thirteen / ef what they can't taste / I would not eat / can go for

days / I would fight  / he does / he would bury her


she touches her tongue to where they have lathed him open / with strokes / with speaking / this

is why the silence / all all quiet at the rocks’ overlook the rocks’

beginning / she blinks / she tears at her own hangnails unthinkingly she blooms

/ what is this / a day arrives / she is all bloomed out / and taken /


and she leaves / all our digging / he says / we dug the unsanctioned world for no one else we

owned that black that biting feather-wind / for what / his tongue a rock / in the closed

throat / god of whistle freeze / of burr / don't look / now / my god / it won't /

stop closing