Statue to be scattered as you wish

Would snow be falling on the street if we had loved each other?


If we had loved each other would I sleep safe in the train’s plush interior?


Would I recite an affirmation in the swaying mirror if we had loved each other?


If you had remembered the snow would I have loved each tunnel?


Would each tunnel have been lonely even as I loved through it?


If you recall whether we loved, would you recite a short poem?


If we had loved each other, would ancient relics still be unknown underground?


Would I never remember those things crushed in their cold recesses?


Remember the statues of lovers that you saw from the plush interior?


Remembering coalesces in us, the landscape passing in a slush.


If we had loved each other, would I be safe from recalling the cellar?


If I uncovered a cold slurry of a thousand roman coins?


If we had loved one another in the cellar, would I have remembered the snow?


Would I remember the sizzle of your spit falling on a snowy statue?


Would you have been lonely in that cellar if we had remembered each other?


If trains are traveling away from each other on the same line, do they recite a love poem?