The cave draws u in like a breath

walls corrugated like the cartilaginous ribbing of a trachea

and just as wet                 algaed slick phlegmatic


the limestone bedrock vivisected

by years              a hairline fissure concedes

to cavernous lack                this sanctuary of emptiness


u yield to it                        spelunking         


           u are in love

u are not in love                   u are in a cave

a reassurance of creamy calcite catacombing u amid its fossils

clamp ur parts bivalve or whorl ur-self gastropod

whatever it takes to get some                         stillness

               from what’s inside u

u merciless u selfish unfurling ur fervency

in nobody’s cathedral

these crumpled aeons of shell

forgetting the shapes they once held


& how much can u bend to fit the whittled geometry of a fondness

                which turns ur interior to delicate meat          a mollusc

& are u prepared                 to petrify like that

cinched long after the tender flesh dessicates

o soft salt heart so edible

dare u opalise for this?


hopping from stone to stone when slipshod u plunge

ur accidental sole into the water


the cave chokes on u                             


heaves                 its echoes of life


u are going so deep so quickly

u are losing the light