i am unemployed


expensive coat, cheap shoes

need to find someone else to be in love with

i want skinned knees right now.

now i want i want scabs on my knees





i love yr world

ceramic door to ceramic cliff

i can’t tell if u are ignoring me or not...

could u just tell me if u are...



place value


i want u to be safe

even if u don’t love me.

i’m going to give u a crystal to strengthen ur base chakra



jealousy in my spare time


quietly i take my rectangular shape and fold it into thirds

fake flowers begin to wilt

how long must i wait to be abandoned

newfangled sickly green

pressing pumpkin orange

never-ending orchid



five year plan


some ppl like to have fun but that’s not for me

i see u have abandoned your blog

yes i am sentimental, someone’s got to be

if there’s a nice spot in hell i hope u get it